With 46 churches in the Gettysburg and Adams County area, YOUR church can make a difference by doing one or all of the following,.

Hold a clothing drive ANYTIME where members of your church can drop off their donations on a Sunday, then have a church member drop off the items at the Mission.

Encourage your congregation to adopt a man or a family for 100.00  a month. There are 32 men and 10 family apartments. It costs much more than 100.00 a month, but we believe that there are churches who can partner with us to make a difference!

Encourage your congregation to get involved in volunteering and become aware of the life changing work that is happening at the Adams Rescue Mission.

RECYCLE! As a church, decide to recycle and give to the mission.

Look at Missions giving as a church and help make a difference not just around the world but in you community.


Churches who help and donate

to the Adams Rescue Mission:

Don't see your church? Ask your pastor to consider setting up a meeting with the mission staff!